About Camila Fawape - Cerca de Camila Fawape

Camila Fawape is an Argentine music composer and musician. She has studied classical composition in Universidad Nacional de Rosario, earning the diploma of Technician of Harmony and Counterpoint. 

She used to be part of the band DERIVA as lead singer and rhythmic guitar.

In 2013, she decided to move to Milan, Italy, to attend the Master in Music for Films in Civica Scuola di Milano. Since then, she’s been writing music for films, teaching how to play the guitar and street performing.

She loves traveling, playing tennis and hanging out with her friends. She has a punk-rocker soul and is always seeking for freedom.

Camila firmly believes in equality and equity of all human beings and is convinced that music and art can save and unite persons (also aliens), bringing down walls.